Program Features

  • Long-term, low-cost credit assistance for water resource infrastructure projects
  • Funding of up to 49% of project costs
  • Augments other public or private funding and financing sources
  • Requires a dedicated source of repayment (i.e. state or local taxes, user fees, etc.)
  • Available to projects or group of projects with eligible costs in excess of $20 million

Program Benefits

  • Fixed, low interest rates near U.S. Treasury rates
  • Interest accrues only once funds have been disbursed
  • Customized repayment schedules
  • Long repayment periods (up to 35 years after completion)
  • Deferred payments during construction and up to 5 years after completion
  • No prepayment penalties

Current Restrictions

  • Projects must be non-Federally owned, operated, and maintained
  • Projects must be dam safety projects included in the National Inventory of Dams
  • Projects must meet statutory eligibility requirements, including creditworthiness